Feature request

These features are the requested ones from many M.Timer users.
If you have any, please feel free to write us to mSurfLab@gmail.com
We will be more than happy to include yours here.

* Would it be even better that when the session is started to put the either in a silent state or even aeroplane mode, so there is no outside interference.

Please add an option to open the sitting record for editing at the end of the mediation in order to make note entries.

Would be nice to backup using Google Drive or sugar synch. 

A widget similar to meditation helper by multiordinal limited. I like to see my streak clearly on the home screen. They also have a nice notification that shows in the notification center when a meditation is ongoing. 
Would it be possible to add siting name field. Currently there is siting log. But when there would be siting name and siting log than it would be better. Siting name like a name of the meditation, sitting or whatever  and siting log for some comments. Than in the exported sheet there would be very easy to calculate by siting name for example.

I would love it if ZenTime had passcode protection.

please help how  is  possibile transfer sitting create in my phone  to  my PC file extension. xls  / cvs.

Nevertheless, more sounds would be great.
Also, it is very important that the sound should be let to disappear in silence, not be interrupted before fading naturally. A few seconds of pause after the sound faded apparently would be a good idea.
For now, most sounds do not fade naturally. 

Would like to request a widget showing last site time/date and length of sit perhaps with a cool little icon

Do u have an 'airplane' mode, eg, no phone ringing?

It would be nice to have an option that leaves the screen on. This way, if I want to know how much time is left, I don't have to press a button and unlock the phone, but I only have to open the eyes.

Some of us might sit at 1:00 am but want it to count for the previous day, not the current day that just started, since we haven’t gone to bed yet. As it is, I have to laboriously change the time on my after-midnight sessions. So please let us set our own “midnight” to whatever time we want, and the app will assign sessions to the appropriate day.
I have bells ring three times at the end of my session. But the second two bells interrupt the ones before, which is jarring and sounds unnatural, since the sound of the previous bell is cut off sharply. So please let us set the time delay between bells that sound together (the delay needed would be different for different sounds, so simply adding an arbitrary delay wouldn’t work well).

Allow the export and import of dbase in common format like csv, xml..etc.
I like to use my mobile vibration only (not any bell sound) so i can practice mindfulness even at work or with friends around. Would it be possible to add an " only vibrate" option?

Could you add in the function to delete a single entry?

I woud add my own sound.

1) I would like an easier way to add pics i.e. pointing at dropbox folder or by selecting pics on the phone that are moved to zentime/image folder 
2) Then I would like a new screen with a qoute and pics shown in landscape mode 
3) With 1 and 2 you almost have a new flashcards app that unlike others show pictures in combination with what you want to remember. 

Does this app show chart of your practice?

Want to see elapsed time for pause.

Can you add documentation for custom quote import?
I want to sync the sitting record with my tablet